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Jim Carrey’s Back — And Vowing To Get Even More Political

By  James Barrett

The former $20 million-a-film star Jim Carrey is making his big, “reluctant” return via little screen in Showtime’s new series “Kidding.” In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, conducted just after he completed yet another anti-Trump cartoon, Carrey made clear that he has no plans to redirect the increasingly political drift of his career. In fact, he signaled that he plans to work more to push his political agenda and all but declared war on Republican candidates.

His political cartoons, he told THR, are a response to “the uncomfortable things that I see in this world.” He noted that he often gets worked up late at night after watching his favorite cable news network: MSNBC (THR notes that Rachel Maddow is his “preferred host”).

But while most of his political activism has come through cranking out his cartoons to his 18 million followers, THR reveals that he “intends to get more engaged offline” going forward, though in exactly what capacity, he’s not yet sure.

In the past, he’s been “judicious” about attending political fundraisers, THR explains. “I try to avoid Hillary’s fundraising parties up in the hills around me,” he said. “Every once in a while, I’d hear one of them. She pretty much covered the clock. It was like, ‘Oh, Hillary’s over there now? Yeah, standing by the pool, making the pitch?’ That kind of world doesn’t appeal to me.”

But while he’s not interested in “that world,” he’s committed to definitely taking action to support “the local guys,” by which, he made clear, he means local Democrats.

“But I’m gonna be supporting the local guys here and making sure that [House Majority Leader] Kevin McCarthy doesn’t get back in,” he said. “I’d like to get [Congressman] Devin Nunes out of there forever. Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan? I mean, what a f***ing collection of ne’er-do-wells, man. It’s just the worst of us encouraging the worst in us.”

The actor then, “laughing through his fury,” launched into a rant on the Trump “train” that he said is coming to run us all over — at least until it goes off the tracks, which he “guaranteed” will happen.

“To watch half the country ignore what is quite obviously right in front of them, I liken it to standing on the railroad tracks cheering for the locomotive that’s about to run you down. ‘Look at it, look how beautiful it is. Man, it’s really fast. It’s getting here quickly …” he said. “When it’s all said and done and the Feds finally close in and he hands over the keys to Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago and whatever else he has, there’s going to be a celebration in this country such as has never been seen before. I guarantee it.”

Read the full interview here.

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