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J. Crew Sparks Fierce Debate With ‘I Am A Feminist Too’ Kid Tee

By  Emily Zanotti

Now your progressive toddler can have his or her (or “zher?”) own woke wardrobe.

This week, J. Crew’s children’s line, crewcuts, announced a collaboration with the “woke” online custom shirt retailer, Prinkshop, which includes a pink tee branded with the words, “I am a feminist too,” designed explicitly for the grammar school set.

J. Crew posted an image of the shirt on their official Instagram account, and the photo now has more than a thousand comments — and there are, shockingly, so many woke toddlers (or grandstanding progressive parents) that the shirt has completely sold out.

The caption, of course, reads “start ’em young,” because you’re never too tiny to loathe your own toxic masculinity.

The shirt gave rise to a lively debate between feminist and anti-feminist factions, as mothers and feminist fathers duked it out over whether it was appropriate to use your child as a political prop….er….dress your child in a $29.50 tee shirt from J. Crew that boasts of a commitment to women’s rights (or, at least, a commitment to the Democratic Party platform).

“Sickening. Kids don’t know any better,” wrote one commenter. “The people that put this shirt on a kid without him knowing what he is wearing are the same people who claim that we need to ask kids if we can change their diaper.”

“My mind is blown at the fact that people, most of them being women, are in these comments upset about supporting feminists. Why are you upset about equal rights, pay, and treatment? How could something so positive be so bothersome to you?” whined another.

“Feminism is a cancer in today’s society used to divide,” responded another, “and they’ve convinced liberal women in America that they don’t have equality”

That last one didn’t go over so well with J. Crew’s woke consumer base.

Strangely enough, the shirt is marked as being “for boys,” so it’s not clear how J. Crew really feels on the subject of gender equality. There’s no way to order the shirt for girls, or for children of a non-specific, and non-determinative gender.

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