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IGNORED: Second Niger Special Forces Widow Praises Trump For ‘Gracious’ Call

You won’t hear this in the mainstream media.

President Trump of late has been in a Twitter tussle with Myesha Johnson, the widow of one of the four special forces soldiers killed in Niger, along with a grandstanding Democratic lawmaker from Florida, who’s cashing in on the notoriety of taking on the president.

But Michelle Black’s husband, Staff Sgt. Bryan C. Black, was killed alongside Sgt. La David Johnson and two other soldiers during an ambush by ISIS terrorists on Oct. 4. While Johnson and Rep. Frederica Wilson claim Trump was dismissive and even forgot Sgt. Johnson’s name in a condolence call, Black says the president was “gracious” when they spoke.

“I’m very grateful that he called and he spoke to the kids. And I think that the excitement from that made it a little better, even if it was just for a minute,” she said to Fox News.

“He was very gracious and I appreciate anyone who calls because, like I said, that takes quite a bit of bravery to call into that kind of situation.”

Black said she’s focusing on her sons, 9 and 11, since the death of her husband. And rather than berate the president, Black is also keeping the spotlight on her husband, who gave his life in service of America.

“I know that I married a true hero, whether it would’ve been on the battlefield or just in life in general. When you have true moral integrity and you care that much for other people that you’re willing to put your life on the line,” she said. “You’re a hero whether it’s over there or here.”

Wilson, meanwhile, recently told The New York Times that the White House is “full of white supremacists.”

The Democrat claimed racial bias was a factor in how Trump handled condolence calls to the families of four military officers killed in Niger. And she said White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is a “racist” for calling her an “empty barrel” when criticizing her for listening in to the President’s phone call and then using it as an opportunity for political points.