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IGNORANT: ‘New York Daily News’ Columnist: Can We Just Vote Trump Out?

By  Ben Shapiro

On Monday morning, New York Daily News race-centric columnist Shaun King posited a new change to the Constitution to oust Donald Trump. He tweeted:

Apparently, King was too busy tweeting to read the Constitution – you know, the document that answers this precise question. Impeachment is the only Constitutional way of ousting a sitting president, of course, unless Trump is declared mentally unfit for office under the 25th Amendment by the vice president and a majority of cabinet officers, or of such other body as Congress provides by law. But our constitutional system was designed to avoid the instabilities of parliamentary democracy, with its constant votes of no-confidence and shifting governmental powers.

And as for a revision to the Constitution, the Constitution also sets out how amendments work.

But that would require, you know, actually reading.

It would also require Trump to do something so bizarre that Vice President Pence or House Republicans had no choice but to initiate Trump’s ouster. He hasn’t. The left’s hysteria right now is so over the top that they can’t even wait for Trump to implode for him to become unfit in their eyes. He was unfit the day he won.

Here’s the truth: Trump’s Twitter feed is not a threat to the republic. His rhetoric may not be good for civic discourse, but that’s nothing new – President Obama spent the last eight years undermining civic discourse in a far more sophisticated way than Trump does with his 140-character blasts. And Obama undermined faith in the government far more than Trump has – that’s how Trump was able to sweep into the White House on the back of popular discontent.

The left can keep dreaming that Trump will just disappear, or they can deal with reality. So long as they do the former, Trump will keep winning.

It looks like Trump’s winning streak will continue.

But just as importantly, the left’s lack of care about basic civics is one of the reasons politics breaks down. Our system is quite durable. The founders created it that way. But the left doesn’t care about the system, which is why the executive branch continues to accrue power — civic ignorance leads to populism that favors powerful demagogues. If the left ever once read the Constitution and respected it, there might be an actual shot at a government of, by, and for the people, rather than an elected oligarchy every four years.

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