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Hugh Hewitt Calls For RNC To Stop Trump: ‘The Plane Is Headed Towards The Mountain’

Following what he described as Donald Trump’s “worst three days” of his campaign, conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt called on the Republican National Convention to intervene by changing the convention rules to replace Trump.

“The plane is headed towards the mountain after the last 72 hours,” warned Hewitt Wednesday morning.

Rather than simply standing back and declaring that we won’t vote for Trump, said Hewitt, the RNC must be bold and decisive and take the unprecedented step of changing the convention rules to “change the nominee” or else see us get “killed” in November.

“It’s like ignoring stage-four cancer. You can’t do it, you gotta go attack it.”

Hugh Hewitt

“It’s like ignoring stage-four cancer. You can’t do it, you gotta go attack it,” said Hewitt, who predicted that “we’re going to get killed with this nominee.”

Hewitt underscored that he has “never” argued this before and has attempted to stay “Switzerland” for as long as he could, but the last 72 hours have changed things. Particularly bad, Hewitt told MSNBC, was Trump’s handling of race, inflamed by his handling of Judge Gonzalo Curiel and his botched scripted speech when he said “we will take care of our African Americans.”

The only other possibility than an RNC rules rewrite, said Hewitt, was for a “personality transplant in Trump Tower” within the next four or five weeks, something he said he wished had happened weeks ago.

Here’s Hewitt on MSNBC discussing Trump’s “cobalt-eared” speech, the “worst three days” in Trump’s campaign, and the impending crash in November: