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How Were The Ultra-Political Grammys’ Ratings? Even Worse Than You’d Expect.

Apparently, inviting on Hillary Clinton to read from a debunked anti-Trump book was a bad idea.

Another awards show in which the entertainment elite bash Republicans, congratulate themselves on hashtagging, and exhaust themselves virtue-signalling resulted in — surprise! — very, very bad ratings.

Deadline provides the numbers from Sunday’s 60th Grammy Awards, and they’re no doubt getting the Recording Academy’s attention. The ratings aren’t just down a few points from last year; they’re down over 20%.

This year’s ratings: 12.7/21 in metered market ratings, which is a full 20% decline from 2017’s show, despite 2017 facing stiffer competition on TV. The numbers, Deadline says, appear to be “an all-time low for the ceremony.”

So what could’ve possibly gone so very wrong? Was it Americans’ burnout from the endless stream of anti-Trump messages by the liberal elite? Was it #MeToo/#TimesUp overkill/hypocrisy? Was it the worst idea for an awards show ever, by which of course I mean a twice-failed presidential candidate who’s become even more toxic amid the #MeToo movement reading a passage from a debunked book on her political enemy? Was it “President Jay-Z” (who’s currently in a nasty public feud with Trump)?

The answer, of course, is yes.

By the way, while the Time’s Up movement got lip-service during the show, the Grammys’ failed big time on the movement’s “gender equity” agenda. Only one woman won an award in the main event, and far fewer women among the big categories performed. And it wasn’t just this year’s program that had a Time’s Up problem: A study released just before the event revealed that since 2013, over 90% of Grammy nominees have been men.

As for that regrettable Clinton appearance, here it is:

A surprise appearance from Hillary Clinton reading Fire & Fury at the Grammys

— David Mack (@davidmackau) January 29, 2018

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