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How Much National Debt Was Accumulated Under Obama? Over $9.3 TRILLION.

By the close of business on Wednesday, the amount of new debt accumulated under President Barack Obama topped $9.3 trillion dollars, nearly doubling the national debt (now at just under $20 trillion) and almot twice the amount of debt accumulated under President George W. Bush. “Unsustainable” doesn’t quite say it.

CNS News crunched the numbers and came up with an increased debt as of the second to last day of Obama’s presidency of $9,334,590,089,060.56. That number nearly doubled the total national debt figure, which started off at $10,626,877,048,913.08 on the day Obama took office. As Donald Trump takes the oath, the total debt will be over $19.961 trillion.

When Bush left office, he had famously amassed the most debt by dollar amount of any president ever, $4,889,100,310,609.44. Obama nearly doubled that number too. CNS also breaks down the debt per American worker (around 124 million) and found the debt would currently be over $160,000 per worker, Obama having added over $75,000 to that crippling number.

Last year, the Washington Examiner provided a comparison of the national debt left by each president as a percentage of the GDP and found that of all the presidents in history, the Left’s darling FDR racked up the most, leaving office having accumulated a national debt that was 95.7 percent of the GDP. Second place? Obama, who they projected would leave with a debt total that was over 74 percent of the GDP: