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Hillary: Trump Is A ‘Gift For ISIS.’ Nope. Obama’s Syria Policy Is The Single Greatest Gift ISIS Will Ever Receive.

In a shameless act of fear-mongering, Hillary Clinton declared Thursday that ISIS is praying and hoping that “Allah delivers America to Trump.” A Donald Trump presidency “would give even more motivation to every jihadi,” she said at her first press conference since announcing her bid for president last summer.

Against the backdrop of a $6,000/hr campaign jet rental, she vilified her Republican rival as a tarmac full of friendly reporters threw her soft-ball questions about Wednesday evening’s ‘Commander-in-Chief Forum’ on NBC.

Pointing to a recent article by counterterrorism expert Matt Olsen, she suggested that Trump’s rhetoric about Muslims was “dangerous” and “disqualifying.”

“Someone who has insulted Muslims, has insulted a gold star family,” stated Clinton, referencing Trump’s disrespectful verbal assaults against the Khan family. “That is a gift for ISIS.”

What Hillary Clinton, and for that matter, the Democratic Party, can never admit is the fact that the Islamic State’s primary recruiting tool isn’t Donald Trump but rather Bashar al-Assad, the genocidal Syrian dictator still in power after five years of US paralysis.

Since 2011, Assad has been butchering his own people, and the Obama administration has done nothing to take his bloody hands away from the levers of power. This failure to act wasn’t just moral cowardice but strategic idiocy.

Not only did ISIS begin as an offshoot of al-Qaida in Syria, but it flourished in the wake of Assad’s extermination of a fragmented and under-armed Syrian opposition.

As the US abandoned anti-Assad allies, including the Free Syrian Army, ISIS gobbled up defectors from the Syrian opposition, exploiting the war against the Shiite Iranian-backed Alawite regime in Damascus to recruit countless Sunni “holy warriors.”

The Islamic State’s successes in Syria led to more more manpower and more territory. IS fighters eventually took over vast swaths of land in Syria’s oil-rich northern territories, ensuring a consistent flow of income from black market petrol sales to fund its terror operations abroad.

To this day, Muslim recruits from Europe flock to Raqqa, the Islamic State’s operational hub and de facto capital in Syria, to undergo training in anticipation of large-scale attacks against the West. From Raqqa, trained fighters then cross the porous border to Turkey and finally make their way to Paris, London, Brussels, and Berlin.

So no, former Secretary of State Clinton, Donald Trump isn’t “a gift to ISIS.” Obama’s policy, or rather non-policy, in Syria has surpassed the Islamic State’s wildest dreams, making the Islamic terror group’s rise as a global threat much more than possible. America’s inaction, an inexplicable five years of inaction, made ISIS inevitable.

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