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Hillary Desperation Campaign Enters Final Meltdown: Bernie’s A Racist

By  Ben Shapiro

Hillary Clinton is in trouble.

She’s in trouble in Iowa and New Hampshire. Over the last month, she’s lost ground to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-Loonbagistan) among women, men, leftists, moderates, old voters and young people. But there is one group of Americans among whom she has risen: blacks and Latinos. As I pointed out at Breitbart last week:

Yes, even though Hillary is going over like the bubonic plague with her own electorate, she’s still making heavy inroads with minorities, even as she sinks like the Titanic with white voters. From December to January, her lead among whites plummeted from above 20 percent to dead even with Sanders. But in the same period, her support base among blacks and Latinos increased from just above 40 percent to 50 percent.

So Hillary has one option left: attack Bernie Sanders as a racist. This is asinine. I don’t have a lot of good things to say about Sanders, a man whose political perspective I find absolutely despicable, but he is certainly not a racist: he was arrested in 1963 demonstrating against segregation; he attended the March on Washington in 1964 to hear Martin Luther King, Jr. speak. Come on.

But proving once again that the Hillary campaign has no moral limits, she’s sending out her spokespeople to attack Sanders for insufficient racial pandering. That’s been Sanders’ bugaboo since the outset of his campaign – back in July 2015 he polled at 2 percent among black voters, as opposed to Hillary’s 61 percent. And Sanders obviously isn’t used to the moronic game in which he is supposed to surrender to every black person who tries to seize his microphone; when protesters attempted to do that early on in his campaign, he let them have the microphone, then proceeded to add a Black Lives Matter spokesperson to future rallies.

The latest rap on him is that he hasn’t genuflected properly on the foolish issue of slavery reparations. Glorified socialist Professional Useless Person™ Ta-Nehisi Coates has ripped into Sanders for stating that he opposed slavery reparations. When asked why he didn’t rip Hillary for the same reason, he said it was because Sanders counted himself a radical, while Hillary doesn’t. Which is ridiculous – the logic is apparently to support the less leftist candidate because she doesn’t call herself a leftist? But Coates says that Sanders’ stated radicalism undermines the definition of radicalism:

A Democratic candidate who offers class-based remedies to address racist plunder because that is what is imminently doable, because all we have are bandages, is doing the best he can. A Democratic candidate who claims that such remedies are sufficient, who makes a virtue of bandaging, has forgotten the world that should, and must, be. Effectively he answers the trenchant problem of white supremacy by claiming “something something socialism, and then a miracle occurs.”

For this sort of genius commentary, Ta-Nehisi Coates has won the MacArthur Genius Grant.

It’s not just Coates going after Sanders, however. The Clinton campaign has picked up on Coates’ criticism to blast Sanders from the left, without actually embracing slavery reparations. Brian Fallon, spokesman for the Hillary campaign, told CNN, “When it comes to something like reparations, he dismisses it as completely unfeasible.” Meanwhile, Hillary There’s Something About Mary-haired surrogate David Brock went further, stating that a Bernie Sanders ad showed “black lives don’t matter much to Bernie Sanders.”


Sanders has unleashed his rhetoric on Hillary over the past week, and he should. The Clinton campaign is vile in every respect – and even from the right, where we think Bernie Sanders a dangerous ideologue, we should recognize that this racial hit against Sanders is disgusting.

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