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Hillary Clinton Claims The Country Is ‘Uneasy’ About Women Seeking Power

By  Emily Zanotti

The Hillary Clinton Excuses World Tour continued this weekend, this time with a stop in Australia.

Speaking with Julia Gillard, Australia’s first female Prime Minister (who also lost two separate elections for President of Australia), Clinton assured her audience that it was deep-seeded sexism, and not her own lack of strategy and a deep dislike she engendered among the American people, that cost her her bid for the highest office in the land.

“There is still a very large proportion of the population that is uneasy with women in positions of leadership,” Clinton said, “and so the easiest way to kind of avoid having to look at someone on her merits is to dismiss her on her looks.”

Clinton then went on to criticize the media for encouraging sexist tropes by showing Trump supporters calling for Clinton to be “locked up” and calling Clinton a “witch.”

“There is this fear, there is this anger, even rage about women seeking power, women exercising power and people fall back on these attacks like you’re a witch or you should go to prison,” Clinton continued. “It’s not a majority, thank goodness, it’s not, but it’s a very vocal minority at least in my country. And sometimes these tropes are very much part of the press coverage.”

Strangely enough, that same “vocal minority” doesn’t have a problem with the women currently in power. United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley has been widely hailed for her tough stance in the international community. The Trump Administration has promoted women to some of the most senior White House positions. Women other than Hillary Clinton seem to do just fine.

Maybe it’s just you, Hillary. Maybe it’s just you.

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