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Hilarious: Watch John Kasich Admit He’s A Democrat

By  Robert Kraychik

In a video that will only surprise the uninitiated, Governor John Kasich essentially admits he is a Democrat, placing himself ideologically between Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Indirectly referencing the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Kasich analogized himself to the “just right” temperature of the porridge, with Sanders being “too hot”and Clinton being “too cold.”

Torn between Senator Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Kasich, a New Hampshire woman asked Ohio’s governor to convince her to vote for him. At a campaign town hall event in Windham, New Hampshire.

The woman, understandably, seems to think Kasich is a Democrat.

“So I’m still an undecided voter, but I’m choosing between you, Hillary, and Bernie Sanders,” began the woman, “So my question is, why should I vote for you in the Democratic primary tomorrow?” the woman asks.

Opting not to correct the woman by saying that he is a Republican, Kasich struggles and fails to make the case against Sanders, Clinton, or the broader Democratic Party and its left-wing vision for the future.

Kasich replies by saying that Sanders is a socialist, and socialism “just ain’t gonna happen.” No explanation is provided as to why socialism is wicked or destructive. No effort is made to educate the woman on political issues.

Clinton’s problem, according to Kasich, is that she is insincere. No elaboration was provided on the likely criminal conduct of the Clintons, from peddling political power and laundering the proceeds through the ostensibly charitable Clinton Foundation to the personal email server Hillary Clinton used in her former capacity as Secretary of State to escape governmental capture of her correspondences. No criticism is directed towards her proposals for opening America’s borders, further eroding the nation’s sovereignty, or centralizing more power and money into the White House.

“Hillary’s too brittle, and Bernie’s way out here on the extreme. I’m the right porridge. One of them is too hot, the other one’s too cold, but I got the right temperature,” concluded Kasich, pleading with this woman for her vote.

On Sunday, Kasich said he is not an “establishment guy.”

Last month, Kasich compared himself to Jesus, describing himself as a “Prince of Light and Hope.”

In December, Kasich blamed attributed Islamic terrorism to people “lacking meaning in their lives.”

H/T Erick Erickson at The Resurgent.

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