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Here’s What Arrested Antifa Protesters In Portland Look Like Without Their Masks. Maybe This Is Why They Wear Masks.

By  Frank Camp

Did anyone expect the May Day Trump protest in Portland, Oregon, to end in any other way than rioting, violence, and property damage? The window repair industry hasn’t seen this much business since 1992.

The AFP describes the hullabaloo:

At least three people were arrested. Several businesses in Portland’s downtown area were also vandalized by groups of people wearing black masks who were seen breaking storefront windows, throwing incendiary devices and attacking a police vehicle.

The violence prompted authorities to cancel the permit for the march and warn that anyone remaining on the streets risked being arrested. People were advised to stay away from the area.

Now, the Portland Police Department has released the mugshots of 22 of the 25 rioters who were arrested:

Because we at The Daily Wire love you, and Twitter can always be relied on to provide scathing and hilarious insight into current events, we’ve combed through the dregs of the social media website in order to find the ten best responses to the recently released mugshots:

In the end, all it took was some TLC to make these offenders photo-ready:

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