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HEEL: President Trump Heads To Texas — But Media’s Focus Is On Melania’s Shoes

By  Emily Zanotti

As Donald Trump boarded Marine One Tuesday morning, to make his way to Houston, Texas, where he’ll view the damage from Hurricane Harvey and pay a visit to rescue facilities, the media’s focus wasn’t on Donald — it was on Melania.

The First Lady, who appears to have never had an “off” fashion day in her life (except maybe in the 1990s when everyone was wearing those dumb spaghetti strap dresses that looked good on no one), turned up for her helicopter ride in head-to-toe black, an on-trend flight jacket and — gasp — a pair of four-inch black spiked heels.

Granted, patent leather stillettos (probably designer, to boot) aren’t exactly disaster-touring footwear, but, oddly enough, shoes aren’t designed to be permanent foot fixtures; since they aren’t sewn to Melania’s feet, she’s able to swap them out for more practical attire.

But sensing an opportunity to mock the First Lady, the media immediately excoriated Melania for her shoe choice.

Not that any of the above journalists asked, but a White House spokesperson has confirmed that the First Lady will not be wearing those heels into any disaster-ridden areas. She has a different pair of shoes she plans on changing into on the plane.

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