Harvard Law Professor: Let’s Have a ‘Children’s Crusade’ For Gun Control, Let 16-Year-Olds Vote


In their neverending quest to find sympathetic faces to promote unpopular policies, the Left has now seized on children to stump for gun control. Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Tribe led the way:

While most of the media aren’t calling for children to vote — that would be fully idiotic, considering that most children aren’t capable of properly driving a car or making responsible decisions about anything from alcohol to sex — they are trotting out classmates of the victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting in order to push the gun control agenda. High school students dominated the weekend media coverage of the gun control issue — to such an extent that President Trump supposedly asked patrons of Mar-a-Lago whether he ought to consider gun control proposals.

This is foolishness of the highest order.

The measure of whether a proposal has merit or not should not be the personal emotional investment of the person making the proposal. We don’t let doctors operate on their own family members for a reason. And just because someone saw a classmate shot to death does not grant expertise on matters of policy.

But this isn’t about policy. It’s about emotional manipulation. Thus our nation’s leading intellectuals look to children to guide them — not because those kids have specific policy proposals, but because they don’t. That’s the whole point: if children shout for gun control, we can simply call those who disagree uncaring.

In any case, Tribe should do his homework. The original Children’s Crusade ended ignominiously: according to modern accounts, with children falling into homelessness in a foreign land, and according to original accounts, with their mass enslavement. And this Children’s Crusade would be nothing like Martin Luther King Jr.’s Children’s Crusade, which only worked because it was met with actual law enforcement brutality in front of cameras.

The reason gun control hasn’t gotten particularly far after mass shootings such as Parkland is that no one has made proposals that carry broad-spectrum agreement. It’s that simple. And having children shout slogans doesn’t help matters on that score in any serious way.