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Hannity On Budget: Blame Congress, Not Trump

By  Robert Kraychik

In expressing his disappointment with the most recent budget deal on Tuesday, Sean Hannity’s criticisms did not extend to President Donald Trump.

“The president on his own, again, is doing everything he can do,” said Hannity during his eponymous radio show. “The president, to his credit, has done all he can on his own, but he can’t do everything. And this is where Congress, now, either they step up and get something done or I don’t have any use for these people anymore, with the exception of the Freedom Caucus and some others.”

“He’s keeping his promises,” said Hannity of Trump.

“It wasn’t the president [who got rolled] as much as it was Congress, because they control the spending,” said Hannity, neglecting to note the president’s veto power and other avenues of influence in shaping the budget.

In agreeing with reported perceptions of Republicans as “weak,” Hannity omitted Trump from inclusion: “The Washington Post is pointing out that the Democrats feel emboldened, now. They sense Republicans are weak, and they’re right. That’s the saddest commentary I have. Not the president, but Republicans in Congress are weak.

Hannity warned of political damage to Trump in the absence of construction of a wall along parts of the southern border: “If the president doesn’t get this wall done, that’s the equivalent of, ‘Read my lips, no new taxes.”

Also on Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh asked Vice President Mike Pence during the former’s radio show why Americans should vote for Republicans when Democrats continue to set budgetary priorities with minorities in both chambers of Congress and a Republican president.

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