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GUTLESS AND DESPICABLE: Obama’s Minions Attack Trump For Standing Tall On Iran

President Trump, unlike his timorous and tremulous predecessor, has made no bones about his support for Iranians who have revolted against the brutal, repressive, theocratic regime of the mullahs. His Twitter feed, oft-criticized, has been a haven for those intrepid souls protesting and even dying as they challenge the Iranian regime, as Trump has been clear about his desire to see the despotic Iranian regime overthrown.

As predictably as the sun rising in the east, the minions of Barack Obama, who abandoned Iranian protesters to their fate in 2009, have surfaced from the depths of their defeated status to slam the president for doing exactly the right and moral thing. Here are some examples of the nefariousness of those officials, and their willingness to once again let Iranians suffer under a brutal regime:

Example 1. Former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice (yes, the same woman who was bone-chillingly truthful about the Benghazi massacre) as she tweeted a link to a repellent New York Times piece telling Trump to shut up:

Example 2: Rob Malley — who is vehemently anti-Israel, having accused Israel of failure to make peace at Camp David in 2000, an assertion trumpeted by Arab apologists and which was debunked by then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, U.S. President President Bill Clinton, and U.S. Ambassador Dennis Ross — urged the U.S. to meet with the terrorist group Hamas; then was appointed by Obama as a senior director at the National Security Council before he helped advise Secretary of State John Kerry on the Iran nuclear deal, also tweeted a link to the Times piece:

Example 3: Former Secretary of State John Kerry, who helped engineer the Iran deal:

Example 4: Ben Rhodes, former Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications for Obama, who admitted lying to the media in order to sell the Iran nuclear deal, saying the U.S. should keep out of Iran’s business, despite the fact the Iranian regime sponsors terrorism around the world:

Example 5: Tommy Vietor, former spokesperson for the U.S. National Security Council under Obama, carping that Trump can’t stand protesters, forgetting that Trump has not been shooting people in the streets the way that the Iranian regime has:

Example 6: Samantha Power, who followed Rice as U.N. Ambassador, sniping about Trump’s desire to vet immigrants:

Example 7: Last but not least, Hillary Clinton, who gave her usual mush-mouthed answer, saying she “hoped” the Iranian regime would respond peacefully to the protests.

The latest reports out of Iran aver that at least ten protesters have been killed by government forces.

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