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Guess Which TV Host Was A Russian Troll Favorite?

While much attention has been given to the social media interference by so-called Russian trolls during the 2016 presidential election, the media have been largely silent about a certain Russian bot-favorite: MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid.

Ironically, as you might recall, Reid is one of the loudest voices leading the Trump-Russian collusion narrative, despite any credible evidence proving a connection between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials trying to sway the election.

According to Law & Crime analysis, the Russian trolls indicted by Robert Mueller last week favored Reid above all other media personalities: “Joy-Ann Reid–recently and glowingly profiled as a heroine of the #Resistance by the New York Times–received some 267 total retweets by the private sector Russian troll brigade.”

For some perspective here, Sen. Bernie Sanders was only retweeted a couple dozen times by the bots, and the second closest media figure to Reid was Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who only raked in “a handful” of the bots’ retweets.

Of course, the number one target of the trolls was Trump, who received 578 retweets.

Again, this is highly ironic since the “AM Joy” host has been sounding the alarm when it comes to Trump’s alleged ties to the Russians. Mere days ago, Reid claimed that the “Russians worked so hard to make [Trump] president of the United States.”

And, as noted by Law & Crime, “Joy-Ann Reid has made somewhat of a sport out of criticizing [Bernie] Sanders over the Russian issue in particular. Last year, she criticized Sanders and his supporters for repeating claims of Democratic National Committee fraud as little more than a Russian plot.”

Additionally, just this weekend, Reid wrote on Twitter: “Russia has played this game before — pretending to empathize with Black Americans’ plight as a way of playing them and stripping them of their rights. The Russian government is not our friend — NONE of us.”

Still, the Russian social media presence, all in all, is seemingly being over-hyped by the media and Democratic operatives like John Podesta, who laughably claimed the election might have been swung by such “interference.”

That claim, in short, is insane.

Russian trolls spent a mere $46,000 on Facebook pre-election, compared to roughly $81 million in advertising spending from the Trump and Clinton campaigns combined.

Facebook’s Colin Stretch:

Russia spent $46,000 on ads ahead of the election.

The Trump and Clinton campaigns spent $81 million combined.

— Cheddar (@cheddar) November 1, 2017