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Green Party Candidate Jill Stein To Be Arrested

By  Aaron Bandler

A warrant for the arrest of Green Party candidate Jill Stein has been issued by Morton County in North Dakota.

CBS News reports that Stein faces charges of “criminal trespass and criminal mischief” for “spray-painting construction equipment during a protest against the Dakota Access pipeline.”

Here is a video of her committing the act:

Stein also proudly tweeted out a photo of herself doing it:

She later attempted to justify her action with the following tweets:

The protest that Stein was a part of sprang from Native American opposition to the North Dakota Access Pipeline, which is “a $3.7 billion project that would carry 470,000 barrels of oil a day from the oil fields of western North Dakota to Illinois,” according to The New York Times. The opposition is concerned that the pipeline would damage sacred burial grounds as well as their water supply, and a federal judge is expected to order a halt to the construction of the pipeline despite the developer’s assurances that it won’t harm sacred ground.

A scuffle also occurred during the protest, as reportedly “four private security guards and two guard dogs were injured after several hundred protesters confronted construction crews Saturday afternoon.”

While there were no official reports of any injured protesters, a spokesman of a Native American tribe present claimed that “six people had been bitten by security dogs, including a young child” and “at least 30 people were pepper-sprayed.”

Stein could possibly face a short stint in jail as well as fines if she is arrested.

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