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The Great ObamaCare Failure Our Corrupt Media Can’t Talk About

By  John Nolte

According to the most recent estimates, at the end of the coming 2017 enrollment period, only 13.8 million people will be enrolled in ObamaCare. This represents a mere 9% increase over the current number of 12.7 million. But even this number is misleading and inflated.

In reality, the number is much lower. If you read below the first few paragraphs of most mainstream media write-ups, you will discover that “effectuated enrollment,” or those who have gone beyond enrolling only on paper to truly enrolling through the paying of insurance premiums, is 10.5 million, and expected to increase to only 11.4 million in 2017. On average, over the past couple of years, the percentage of people who enroll in ObamaCare and then revoke their enrollment by not following through with premium payments, has been a whopping 25%.

The media hides these lower numbers because the media was as culpable as Obama and the Democrats in the wielding of lies to bring this boondoggle to life. For the last 6 years, the media has put the best possible face on ObamaCare because they have to — their propaganda assured us everything would be okay.

Nevertheless, because the morons who put this Frankenstein monster together know next to nothing about human nature (whodathunk people would prefer not to pay $400- $500 a month for a product they will never use?), it wasn’t supposed to be like this. Back in the day, the utterly useless and corrupt Congressional Budget Office told us that by now more than 24 million people would be enrolled in ObamaCare.

They were only off by about, oh, 60%.

Let’s not even go into the lies we were told about ObamaCare being deficit neutral.

The fact that ObamaCare enrollment is so low is why it is currently in its death spiral. The people signing up are the ones who are most desperate for health insurance. What this means is that these customers are unprofitable for insurance companies; whatever monies the insurance company is paying out for these particular customers far exceeds what’s coming in.

The result, as the White House finally had to admit Monday, is double-digit premium increases (some as breathtakingly high as 60%) and fewer insurance companies for you and I to choose from as these companies bail out of this mess. Moreover, skyrocketing premium increases scare away any hope of attracting the healthy customers necessary to offset the unhealthy, and round and round we go. Hence, the glorious death spiral.

One crucially important fact that has been buried in most of the coverage of ObamaCare’s epic failure is that a good number of the projected 24+ million were supposed to come from — and this is important — people dumped by their employers. In other words, although Obama and his media fact-checkers assured us time again that we could keep our insurance, much of the success of ObamaCare was predicated on the hope that employers would cancel their employees’ health care benefits and dump said employees into the private ObamaCare market.

We are talking millions of people; millions of Americans, by design, were supposed to lose their employer insurance.

We are talking millions of people; millions of Americans, by design, were supposed to lose their employer insurance.

I want to be very clear about this…

Despite all the “keep your insurance” lies endlessly told by Obama and parroted by his MSM factcheckers, ObamaCare was counting on millions of Americans losing their employer insurance. This would have been a financial catastrophe for most of these people. Employers pick up a major share of their employees’ premium costs. That rug would’ve been pulled out from underneath them as they were left all on their own to pay 100% in the ObamaCare market. Some might have qualified for subsidies, but there is little doubt their out-of-pocket costs would’ve increased.

Yes, this was part of the plan to make ObamaCare sustainable because many of these people would be healthy, and I cannot stress enough how important healthy dupes are to making ObamaCare solvent.

Probably because ObamaCare was passed strictly along partisan lines, passed against the will of a majority of Americans, and had a launch similar to that of the Titanic, America’s employers just didn’t have the heart to screw their employees in the numbers the cynical ObamaCare architects had hoped for.

But because our media was in on the “keep your insurance” lie from the beginning, they can’t report on the key reason ObamaCare is failing. To do so, to tell the public that ObamaCare counted on millions of healthy Americans losing their employer-insurance, would be to admit that this was always part of the plan.

Stay ungovernable, America.

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