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Gay Man Gets Go-Ahead to Sue Catholic Church Over Their Adherence to the Bible

On Friday, a gay man received the green light from a judge to continue his lawsuit against the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago for alleged discrimination. The church fired Colin Collette from his position as music director after he publicized his engagement to his male partner via Facebook, thus breaking with church doctrine and entering into a “nonsacramental marriage.”

Collette, who served the church for 17 years, filed a lawsuit against the archdiocese and Holy Family Catholic Community in Inverness in 2014 seeking “reinstatement, back pay, and compensatory and punitive damages” after he was fired.

Since then, the slow-moving case has been held-up by the church’s pushback in the form of a procedural motion to dismiss the case. The judge threw out the dismissal on Friday, allowing the former church-staffer to carry on with his crusade against the church for their adherence to Biblical doctrine.

The suit alleges the church violated federal, state and county laws for Collette’s dismissal.

“There remains a long road ahead but this validates our position that the suit merits review by the court,” stated Collette’s attorney, Kerry Lavelle.

In similar circumstances, a part-time cantor named Jeffrey Higgins was let go from Mother Seton Roman Catholic Church in Germantown, Maryland after it was discovered that he was a gay married man, thus breaking “the agreed upon terms of his employment in the archdiocese.”

The LGBT lobby strongly protested the firing. In response to the backlash, Maryland Cardinal Donald Wuerl eloquently and humbly responded in a blog post where he recognized the occasional “failings” of Christians but explained that the church could not afford to cave to what’s popular.

“[I]f one persists or effectively insists that they are right and the Church is wrong, in the face of such irreconcilable differences it is not discrimination or punishment to say that continued ministerial service is not possible,” stated Wuerl.

Religious institutions in America have been targeted at a rather relentless pace as of late, and the LGBT lobby is making it clear that they have no problem steam-rolling religious liberty as they ironically push for “tolerance” and “equality.”

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