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Frum Joins ‘Resist’ Leftists In New Video

By  Robert Kraychik

Left-wing Republican David Frum took to Facebook to join the neo-Marxist and Democrat call for “resistance” against President Donald Trump.

Watch Frum’s video via The Atlantic – a left-wing and Democrat-aligned magazine where he is a senior editor – below.

Using images and videos depicting Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, Frum warns of a “new authoritarianism” sweeping across America. “Can It Happen Here?” asks a red-colored slide depicting a menacing likeness of Trump with evocative background piano music.

Frum begins by warning viewers of what he describes as an America imperiled by Trump:

“What happens in the next four years is up to you. Don’t be afraid. This moment of danger can be your finest hour as a citizen and as an American.”

Frum derides Fox News, Breitbart, and Infowars as part of “disinformation and defamation” machine in service to Trump:

“We expect the free press to inform voters of the actions of government, and we expect elected officials to offer reasonable cooperation to media active in the public interest. But Trump has made clear that he regards independent media as his most dangerous enemy. He and his allies are developing a countermedia, stretching from Fox to Breitbart to Infowars to fill the information space with disinformation and defamation.”

Frum also pushes narratives related to “Russian hacking” and the Trump family’s “self-enrichment” via “dodgy deals.” He also notes Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns.

Black Lives Matter agitators and “immigration protesters,” advises Frum, will be more effective if they better mask their genuine political views:

“Trump actively goads protesters to burn flags and challenge police. Civil unrest will not be a problem for the Trump presidency. It will be a resource. Immigration protesters marching with Mexican flags, Black Lives Matter demonstrators bearing anti-police slogans, these are the images of the opposition that Trump will wish his supporters to see.”

Frum closes by echoing the call to “resist” Trump:

“Intimidation will go where the people are – not on the sidewalks – but in digital space. And authoritarian leaders won’t lecture, they will tweet. We’re living through the most dangerous challenge to the free government of the United Stated in decades. If the story ends without too much harm to the republic, it won’t be because the dangers were imagined, but because citizens resisted.”

Despite describing himself as a “conservative,” Frum is regularly invited to participate on left-wing political discussion panels across the television news circuit.

In November, Frum called on conservatives to vote for Hillary Clinton, who he described as a “patriot.” He claimed that Clinton would, as president, defend the Constitution and American sovereignty.

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