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FRIENDS NO MORE? Black Lives Matter Slams Gay Pride Parade

There is a growing split among leftist stalwarts Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ movement. On June 25, Black Lives Matter NYC published an open letter slamming NYC Pride for the huge numbers of police helping protect their parade and the NYPD vehicles displaying Pride decals.

The letter demanded “the removal of uniformed police and PRIDE-detailed vehicles from the NYC Pride parade … a commitment to transform the culture and events of PRIDE to center the lives of those most marginalized — queer and transgender Black communities … the honoring of our ancestors and elders with true integrity of their radical existence.”

The letter continues, “As many people in NYC fawn over the NYPD’s participation in Pride events, we cannot forget the dangers that one of the biggest military forces poses to Black communities.”

Allen Frimpong of Black Lives Matter NYC told The FADER that he hoped a dialogue with NYC Pride organizers would begin “about the safety of black and brown folks.”

The letter concluded:

In general we ask that those who believe #BlackLivesMatter, stand in solidarity with us in our demands. If you stand with #BlackLivesMatter, then we must not let borders stop us from seeing the damage of anti-blackness to our communities. If you stand with #BlackLivesMatter, be present to all Black lives  —  transgender, queer, non-binary, HIV, gay, lesbian, or cis-gender including those living with HIV/AIDS. We wish for all persons to not only be represented, but safe and empowered in their celebration of existence at any Pride. We can no longer support spaces where a force that can kill us, with impunity, is allowed to patrol a day of celebration. We are here for Pride, but not like this.