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Founder of Radical Pro-Abortion, Topless Feminist Group Becomes Pro-Life, Apologizes

The founder of the radical feminist group, Femen Brazil, Sara Fernanda Giromini (known as Sara Winter in feminist circles), has stunningly become pro-life, apologized to Christians for past behavior, and is currently acting to expose corruption within the feminist movement, reports Life News.

To say Giromini,19, lived out her feminist vision radically before her transformation would be an understatement.

Per Life News, last year the pro-abortion feminist group she founded took to St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican topless and “simulated anal sex using crucifixes” in effort to grab attention for their anti-Pope and pro-abortion cause. Under Giromini’s lead, topless Femen activists “infiltrated a Catholic Church in Strasbourg, France to protest a speech by Pope Francis to the European Parliament.” And as recent as October, Femen’s abortion activists “attempted to desecrate an Argentine cathedral and threw stones and bottles at Catholics praying the rosary in front of the church on Sunday.”

“I saw the feminist movement cover up for PEDOPHILES. I saw the feminist movement PERSECUTE WOMEN…”

Former feminist Sara Fernanda Giromini

But after Giromini gave birth to her second baby (her first was tragically aborted), the ex-feminist recanted her abortion views and asked for forgiveness for her past behavior.

“I have repented of having had an abortion and today I ask for forgiveness,” wrote Giromini. “Yesterday marked one month after the birth of my baby and my life has taken on a new meaning. I’m writing this while he sleeps serenely on my lap. It is the greatest sensation in the world.”

“Please, women who are desperate to abort, think carefully about it. I was very sorry I did it. I don’t want the same for you,” she warned.

The former feminist turned on the movement that she was fully subservient to largely because of its abusive and destructive behavior:

“I saw the feminist movement cover up for PEDOPHILES. I saw the feminist movement PERSECUTE WOMEN … I am a witness to the fact that today in the feminist movement women are not of any importance but serve as fuel for the fires of hatred that the feminist sect cannot allow to die,” she said.

Per Red Alert Politics:

She also wrote of specific examples in her book, which translates to Bitch, no! Seven times I was betrayed by Feminism. As LifeSiteNews describes it, Sara “was repeatedly pushed to do drugs, to engage in sex with strangers, and was even molested by a lesbian, all at the hands of feminists who claimed to be fighting for women’s equality.”

Giromini also alleges that she “confided in a feminist academic that she was involved in prostitution while still a teen” to which the academic “affirmed her behavior and did nothing to offer her a way out.” Red Alert Politics also explains that the only times she actually received true sympathy and care from another woman came from an older more conservative woman.

Currently, the ex-feminist’s default Twitter picture is an animated drawing of herself holding a gun to her head with the word “Feminismo” (translated to Feminism) written across it:

Giromini can be seen in a YouTube video apologizing to Christians in her native tongue here.