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Former NFL Prospect Accused Of Murdering His Wife By Slashing Her Throat

By  Hank Berrien

A former professional football player who played four seasons in the Canadian Football League and was signed by the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys but never played for them, has been charged with murder after allegedly slashing his wife’s throat.

Anthony McClanahan, 46, was arrested on November 2 for the alleged slaying of his wife, Keri “KC” McClanahan, that same day.

People magazine reports an unnamed person called 911 after reporting Keri McClanahan was crawling through the hallways of the Park Regency condominiums in Park City, Utah, screaming for help. When an officer arrived, he found McClanahan outside the building, barefoot, still crawling. The police report said McClanahan appeared to be convulsing and making a “snow angel” on the ground. Anthony McClanahan allegedly insisted he, his wife, and “his baby” had been attacked by two or three men, but reportedly would not identify where his wife was, even when asked multiple times.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported:

No one matching the description of Anthony McClanahan’s alleged attackers appears on security footage from the entrance to the complex, documents say, and police said the keycard system for the McClanahan’s unit hadn’t been accessed since 9:25 p.m. Nov. 1.

Police said there were no signs of forced entry or that a baby or young child had been present at the time of the attack. No one tried using any of the phones in the room with KC McClanahan’s body — her cellphone, her husband’s cellphone and a landline — to call police, documents say.

The police discovered Keri McClanahan “unresponsive and covered in blood,” while McClanahan had only superficial wounds to his face, neck, wrists, arms and torso. His wife had the front, back, and sides of her neck slashed as well as carpet burns; she had been murdered with a paracord knife she wore around her wrist for protection.

Keri McClanahan’s sister, Heather Gauf, said there had been domestic violence and physical abuse in her sister’s marriage; she added that Keri McClanahan had fled from her husband on at least two occasions.

In October, Anthony McClanahan had been charged with child kidnapping when he allegedly seized his son, who is eight years old, and drove through various states.

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