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Former Communist Party Leader Allowed To Speak at Cal State LA. Shapiro Wasn’t.

Former Communist Party leader and killer accomplice Angela Davis was hosted at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) at 7:30 last night to speak on the “9th Annual Pan-African Studies Forum.” The event, hosted by the University’s Pan-African Studies Department; Department of Television, Film, and Media; and the Cross Cultural Center, follows a Ben Shapiro speaking event which was canceled by the University for not being “inclusive” enough.

Shapiro, while maintaining resilience in showing up to his own speaking event in February, was met by a mob of violent protesters who had blocked entrances to the event, physically attacked attendees and blocked entrances to the speech, and even demanded the university president resign over failing to keep Shapiro off campus.

Last week, Shapiro joined the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) to file a lawsuit against CSULA for censoring his event and violating his First and Fourteenth Amendment rights. The university was quick to censor a constitutional conservative while embracing and sponsoring a large sum of money to host a radical anti-American Black Panther ally.

YAF’s Emily Jashinsky noted, “While it’s unclear what CSULA is paying Davis to speak tonight, Keppler Speakers Bureau lists her fee range at a hefty $10,001-$20,000.” CSULA President William Covino had attempted to shut down Shapiro’s YAF lecture February and have a new event created instead featuring Shapiro “as part of a group of speakers with different viewpoints on diversity.”

But the same standards were not applied to Davis’s lecture, which exclusively featured her, and thus disavowed all of the university’s previous claims of wanting to protect free speech and eliminate “one-sidedness” from its campus.

Not only does Davis promote a highly-controversial ideology, she was accused by the federal government of conspiring a shooting which killed four people at a California courtroom in 1970. She was also a supporter of the Soledad Brothers, who had killed their prison guard at the Soledad Prison where they were being held that year. She then spent a significant part of her life defending other killers and criminals and fleeing the federal U.S. government.

Jashinsky told The Daily Wire she felt the situation was “completely backwards.”

“It speaks volumes about higher education in America that CSULA greeted a radical like Angela Davis with praise and celebration and greeted a mainstream conservative like Ben Shapiro with violent protests,” she said. “Students at CSULA are exposed to the ideas of progressives like Angela Davis every single day in the classroom, but when one conservative visited their campus, they were compelled to censor him. In the real world, Ben Shapiro is infinitely less controversial than Angela Davis— but on college campuses, she’s revered and he’s reviled.”

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