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First They Cried Racist, Now They’re Crying Nazi: Why The Left Is So Obsessed With Character Assassination

By  Josh Eisen

Leftists have started to call people who disagree with them Nazis. They aren’t doing it because those people are actually Nazis; they’re doing it because it no longer means anything to call someone a racist. Any value that the term “racist” formerly yielded as a political weapon has had the life sucked out of it by the left abusing it. Of course, people still call their political opponents racist, but it doesn’t create the same effect that it once used to. The same will be true of “Nazi” and “White Supremacy”; just give it time.

But why do Leftists keep employing this failed strategy of undermining their political opponents through character assassination? After all, it can be argued they just lost an election because of such mistreatment. So why won’t they just give up this unsuccessful approach? To be honest, I’m not sure they can help it.

It appears as if leftists obtain some sort of high when they character assassinate their political opponents. This high comes from an unearned sense of moral superiority. Just like other “drugs,’ unearned moral superiority generates euphoria and impulsivity. The good feeling that comes with signaling virtue to like-minded individuals by scolding non like-minded individuals creates an irresistible craving to persist in such behavior. Eventually, it becomes an instinctual reaction to immediately vilify any speech and behavior deviating from one’s worldview. Leftists and SJWs wait eagerly at their keyboards and in their classrooms, vying to pounce on any opportunity to shame anyone (even on the left) who doesn’t hold the most radically progressive position on a given issue.

However, the high that the left receives when demonizing others is only proportional to how well they have vilified their opponent. If a leftist publicly calls someone racist and the accused’s character remains intact, the leftist cannot obtain his or her high. Just as trolling only works if a reaction is elicited, character assassination only works if you successfully assassinate your opposition’s character. Yet being indicted as a racist has become so mundane and commonplace that it no longer has the capacity to demonize political opponents. It simply doesn’t work anymore. They’ve run it into the ground.

But if you thought the left was going to abandon the whole character assassination idea, you thought wrong. What happens when your current “drug” doesn’t make you feel good anymore? Do you quit doing drugs? Of course not. You just find a new, stronger one to abuse.

Now, “Nazi” and “white supremacist” are the new “racist” and “bigot.” Over time, however, these new terms will eventually mean nothing. Why? Because the high always runs out. The truth ultimately prevails. Most of the people who were being called racist were obviously not racist. Similarly, almost all of the people now being called Nazis are not Nazis. The left will continue to harm their own cause by falsely equivocating people who disagree with them with people who enslaved blacks, and people who gassed millions of Jews.

Normally I wouldn’t object to Leftists continuing their failed strategy of virtue signaling by character assassination. However, this new trend is more worrisome because the left is so tolerant of their own name calling that name-calling alone just doesn’t seem to do it for them anymore. They now need a new way of obtaining their unearned moral superiority high. Not only have they begun thoughtlessly calling people “Nazi” as they did “racist,” but many are now beginning to justify violence. After all, if fighting evil is good, and Nazis are evil, then it should be ethically permissible to engage in physical violence against them. The only problem: One needs not to identify himself as a Nazi in order to get punched in the face; one needs only to be thought of as a Nazi in order to get punched in the face.

Whether it’s for the advancement of a political agenda, or for the basking in moral self-aggrandizement, it is nothing short of wretched and evil to blur the lines between those who committed some of the most heinous and repugnant acts in all of human history and those who are merely your political opposition.

WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – 2016/11/16: About a thousand students at New York University walked out at noon and congragated in Washington Square Park to hold a rally declaring their Campus a Sanctuary Campus. The NYU students and faculty, call on the university to become a sanctuary not only for education, but the community members who study, live, and work on their campus, after a Muslim student prayer room was vandalized on the Tandon School of Engineering campus. Students at New York University affirmatively stand with immigrants who study, live, and work at New York University to make their campus a #SanctuaryCampus as part of the movement to establish public spaces of resistance and protection for our country’s most vulnerable people – including undocumented immigrants, Muslims, Black people, Queer people, and all people of color. (Photo by Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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