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Feminists Think Ivanka Had It Coming When A Guy Harassed Her On A Plane

On Thursday, President-elect Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka and her three children were harassed by belligerent passenger Dan Goldstein while on a Jet Blue flight. Goldstein, as we later learned from his husband’s online bragging about the incident, couldn’t control his displeasure with the President-elect, so naturally he took it out on Trump’s daughter and three of his grandchildren.

Yes, small grandchildren are apparently fair game to leftists.

One would think that anyone with a pulse, especially feminists, would condemn this intolerant man for verbally attacking a woman, explaining, or “mansplaining,” if you will, how terrible her father is. Right…?

Of course not!

Feminists not only have zero sympathy for Ivanka, but think the soon-to-be First Daughter had it coming. After all, her father’s politics aren’t left, and therefore are intolerable.

First up, we have Guardian columnist Queen of Pearl Clutching Jessica Valenti.

“Ivanka will arguably be the most powerful woman in the world, counseling the most dangerous leader. She can handle some IRL criticism,” wrote Valenti.

“You don’t get to power an administration that’s going to hurt people’s health, lives and families & not hear back from those people,” added the feminist, engaging in what her clan calls victim-blaming.

And the most ironic: “Also, it’s infantilizing & sexist to argue that Ivanka should be shielded from public criticism.”

Of course, any man who has ever even looked at one of Ms. Valenti’s 12 cats wrong has become the subject matter of a nasty hit piece. Valenti cries harassment like it’s her job…because it kind of is.

Other feminists also embraced the harassment of Ivanka:

It’s so odd how quickly harassment turns into criticism and criticism into harassment depending on the politics of the woman at hand. It’s almost as if feminists are merely bitterly partisan leftists with bad hygiene.

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