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‘Feminist’ Beyoncé Wears Black Panthers-Inspired Outfit To Grammys, Gets CRUSHED Online

By  Amanda

For some reason, the Left has a thing for women who stay with misogynist men who cheat on them. One of their most prominent feminist icons, aside from the anointed one Hillary Clinton, is Beyoncé Knowles, a woman worshiped so intensely that her unborn clumps of cells were deemed unborn babies by radical harpies who support abortion up to the ninth month of pregnancy.

On Sunday, True Feminist Beyoncé sported a Black Panther Party-themed outfit. The political and entertainment media alike (both left-learning) endlessly gushed over the “epic” ensemble.

Yeah, herein lies another snag in the whole Beyoncé-is-a-feminist narrative.

The violent, racist Black Panthers were seriously misogynist. In fact, Eldridge Cleaver, who became the prime spokesman for the party after Huey P. Newton was sentenced to jail time for murdering Officer John Frey, admitted to raping black women, and then white women. You see, the black women he violated were “practice” for his racially-charged raping of white women.

“I arrived at the conclusion that, as a matter of principle, it was of paramount importance for me to have an antagonistic, ruthless attitude towards white women,” wrote Cleaver in “Soul on Ice.”

To the Black Panther, raping white women was a vital political act.

As noted by Henry Louis Gates, “Cleaver was arrested for the attempted rape of a nurse and again sent to prison” in 1958.

The Daily Beast, calling out the whitewashing of the vicious Black Panther Party, also made note of the violent, murderous nature of the movement. Describing the gruesome torture and murder of 19-year-old Alex Rackley, a Florida teen who joined the Black Panther Party eight months before his murder, in 1969, Michael Moynihan writes:

When his captors uncinched the noose around his neck and shoved him into a wooden chair, Alex Rackley might have assumed his ordeal was over. He had already endured a flurry of kicks and punches, the repeated crack of a wooden truncheon, ritual humiliation, and a mock lynching. But it wasn’t over. It was about to get much, much worse. … During a previous beating he had gamely tried, kicking and flailing and swinging his arms. But this time he was tied to the chair, with a towel stuffed in his mouth to mute the screams. The women upstairs were tending to the children while assiduously preparing pots of boiling water—because traditional gender roles applied in the torture business, too.

When the bubbling cauldrons were brought to the basement—four or five of them—they were thrown over Rackley’s naked body. Then they worked him over some more. With him burned, battered, and bloodied, the towel was removed from his mouth.

“Three days later, covered in his own shit and piss, Rackley was cleaned up by one of the Panther women and hustled out of the house into an idling car: He would be driven to a boat, they said, and brought either to New York or home to his native Florida,” writes Moynihan.

Then Rackley was finished off: “Warren Kimbro, a Black Panther party cadre from the New Haven branch, put the first bullet in Rackley’s head, collapsing him in the shallow water. As his body heaved, another Panther foot soldier, Lonnie McLucas, took the gun from Kimbro and fired a bullet into his chest, just in case. They didn’t bother checking, but Alex Rackley was still alive, gasping and in pain, one expert later speculated, for almost four hours.”

The internet quickly ripped “Queen B” for her allegedly empowering Black Panthers-themed outfit:

Beyoncé also paid tribute to the terrorist group in 2016 during the Super Bowl halftime show.

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