Famous Bernie Girl Shows Off ‘$2,000,000 Apartment’; Claimed ‘Tax The Rich’ Only For Billionaires
Supporters of Democratic White House hopeful Bernie Sanders hold posters with his name at the venue where the Senator from Vermont will hold a campaign rally later on February 29, 2020 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. - Voters headed to the polls in South Carolina on Saturday with Joe Biden looking for a first primary win to stall Bernie Sanders' drive to the Democratic presidential nomination.
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A supporter of socialist Bernie Sanders who became famous after posting a TikTok video that was viewed tens of millions of times faced backlash late last week when she showed off her new “$2,000,000 apartment.” She has also supported the far-left’s “tax the rich” movement.

Content creator and Twitch streamer Nicole Sanchez (AKA Neekolul) gained fame after she posted a video in March 2020 that was viewed more than 50 million times while she was wearing a Bernie Sanders t-shirt. In March of this year, Sanchez posted the same video again, except this time she wore a t-shirt from far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) that championed the “tax the rich.”

At the start of the month, Sanchez posted a video titled, “$2,000,000 Apartment Tour! (My New Apartment),” where she showed off a large and lavish apartment that was filled with expensive items, especially for someone in their early twenties.

The top-rated comments that were left on her YouTube video included:

  • “Neeko: ‘Tax the rich!’ Also Neeko: [$2,000,000 apartment]”
  • “They always say ‘eat the rich’, but never realize that means that they’d be on the menu.”
  • “Neeko: ‘Tax the rich!’ Also her: ‘Yeah, I bought a $2,000,000 apartment with a modern bathtub that I don’t even use :>!'”
  • “‘Don’t judge me.’ Yet, that is exactly how she got rich, by judging people.”
  • “This is the most tone deaf thing I’ve ever seen lol. ‘I’m gonna promote Bernie, say eat the rich for clout, get the views cause big booba, and then flaunt all my earnings thinking i’m doing well, while also moving to a state with less taxes for the wealthy.’ You are part of the problem now. Also don’t think we didn’t see that ‘I ain’t gonna tip a waiter well because he gives me my food/drinks’ tweet. You hypocrite.”
  • “She is an excellent example of someone with ZERO self awareness.”
  • “Gen Zers to communism after getting money: I don’t wanna play with you anymore.”
  • “Neekolul: ‘Socialist’, ‘tax the rich’ Also her: Has a ‘SECOND’ WALK-IN closet, as she ‘likes to shop a lot’ (seriously, it’s the size of my bedroom…)”
  • “‘Tax the Rich!!’ Buys a $2M apt in Texas, a state with literally ZERO state income tax.”
  • “‘B-but rich means billionaires. Millionaires are ok.’ Lady, the vast majority of people are unskilled laborers making 30k. They barely have enough spending money to do anything. 2 million dollars would be like a cheatcode for life. You could put that in the bank and live on it your whole life.”

Fox Business reported that in another recent video from Sanchez, posted before her apartment video, she suggested that people were incorrectly speculating she was worth somewhere between $1-5 million.

“I think when people mean like tax rich, I think at the end of the day they do mean like billionaires and people that have insane unfathomable amounts of wealth,” she said. “Listen, listen whoever wants to show me to where those $1 to $5 million dollars are, I would happily follow you and reclaim them because I have no idea where this money is at or where it’s from.”

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