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Facebook Fundraiser Stacks $18 Million On Fake News Photo Of Crying Girl

A Facebook fundraiser raked in $18 million by peddling the infamous photo of a crying Honduras girl, alleging she had been separated from her family under the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy on illegal immigration.

The photo became such a powerhouse of emotional manipulation that even Time magazine used it on their front cover.

They all were duped by a fraud. According to the girl’s father, she was not separated from her family at the border and was instead crying because her mom crossed illegally into the United States, making her tired and thirsty. The mother also ripped the little girl from her siblings in order to seek economic opportunities in America, putting her daughter at risk in the hands of Coyote smugglers.

While nobody questions the photo’s authenticity, the story behind it has been rendered false, a story that the media used to manipulate the emotions of Americans, enabling groups to raise mountains of cash on it.

The Facebook fundraiser, “Reunite an immigrant parent with their child,” asked that users donate to RAICES, a charity dedicated to giving families legal advice and translation services. They have now collected over $18 million, one of the largest amounts collected on Facebook.

The fundraiser has not removed the photo as of this writing.