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Extremists Violently Assault Pastor And His Wife In India

Earlier this month, 50 extremists led by Thangam Venkatesh, district secretary of the Hindu Munnani, stormed a Christian church in the state of Tamil Nadu where they removed Pastor Ravi Jacobs and his wife Persia from the building and then assaulted them, the Morning Star News reports.

As the radicals punched and kicked Mrs. Jacobs, she said she clasped her copy of scriptures declaring, “I will die, but I can’t do without the Bible.”

Venkatesh demanded that the ministerial couple lay prostrate before him and convert to Hinduism or else they would be killed. When the couple refused to convert, the men began to beat them more severely and scarred Mrs. Jacobs with a key.

“I tried hard but couldn’t protect her. She fell unconscious. She was lying there unconscious without her sari,” Pastor Jacobs said through tears. “They were punching in rage.”

They then assaulted the pastor and began burning the church’s Bibles. Venkatesh then threatened the minister with hanging or with burning him alive.

“He asked me how I would prefer to die,” Pastor Jacob said.

Mrs. Jacobs told Morning Star News, “It was all too much. It caused lot of weakness.”

Members of the congregation managed to rescue her while they assaulted her husband and get her medical treatment.

“I couldn’t even stand or look at anyone even,” she explained. “My voice was gone; I soon fainted.”

When Pastor Jacobs reported the assault to the police and even identified his attackers, they refused to start an investigation or even to file a report.

He said, “The police at least issued me a CSR receipt.”

Despite the ferocity of the attack, only the local media picked up the story.

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