Etsy Bans Most Gun Accessories From Being Sold On Site
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As of Tuesday, e-commerce company Etsy has banned all gun accessories that attach to a firearm.

“Etsy has long prohibited the sale of weapons, including guns and most gun parts,” an Etsy spokesperson told The Daily Wire. “We are expanding enforcement to include all gun parts and accessories that attach to a firearm.”

“We take the safety of our marketplace very seriously, and we regularly revisit our policies and make adjustments in accordance with industry, legal, and regulatory standards,” the spokesperson added.

Sellers were given two weeks notice before the ban was implemented.

An Etsy seller by the handle UniqueWood220 posted two weeks ago that an Etsy “Shop Management and Marketing Specialist” reached out to inform him that his decorative gun grips are no longer allowed to be sold on the site.

The message he received read: “As of May 25, 2021, we will no longer accommodate any gun parts or accessories that attach to a firearm. We take protecting our marketplace very seriously and work hard to balance the enforcement of our policies with the unique variety of handmade items our sellers contribute to the marketplace.”

“I’m currently selling wooden grips for guns under the category that Etsy setup for them,” the seller wrote at the time. “Does Etsy now consider them forbidden under this new rule. If so,  I need to quickly find another place to list my items.”

“Well Etsy replied that they’re banned,” the seller followed-up on Tuesday. Here’s the message he received:

“Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us today. My name is [redacted]. I am a Shop Management and Marketing Specialist here at Etsy. I understand that you have some questions about a recent marketplace email. I’m happy to go over this with you.

I hope you understand we take the protection of our members and our marketplace very seriously. While these items were previously permitted, we have determined we can no longer accommodate these products in our marketplace.

Even if they may be something you can sell on some platforms, in certain areas or under certain conditions, we’re not the right venue for these items.

Thank you for your understanding. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing to partner with Etsy and being a member of the global Etsy community. Best of luck!”

The “firearms” portion of Etsy’s policy section now includes, “Gun and firearm accessories, including those that affix to the gun in any way”:


Etsy prohibits the sale of the following:

  • Guns and firearms, including individual parts
  • Gun and firearm accessories, including those that affix to the gun in any way
  • Cannons
  • Live, blank and inert ammunition, including empty casings, shells, hulls
  • Silencers and suppressors
  • Speedloaders
  • Directions for 3D printing firearms

Storage items for guns may be sold as long as they are not affixed to the gun in any way. Some examples include:

  • Cases and racks
  • Holsters
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