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‘Environmentalists’ Leave #ClimateMarch TRASHED

If there’s one thing we can count on in this world, it’s self-styled environmentalists being total hypocrites when it comes to the environment.

On Saturday, the “People’s Climate March” in Washington, DC was packed with tens of thousands of hippies, tree-huggers, celebrities, politicians and climate change alarmists all shouting about the dire need for the government to “save” the planet, as they all bonded over their mutual hatred for President Donald Trump, of course.

The marchers, unsurprisingly, left DC trashed. Signs about the precious environment ironically littered the street, trash overflowed the garbage and food and drink containers covered the green grass. It was apparently too much for the (CO2-exhaling*) hippies to dispose of their garbage in an environmentally-friendly manner before taking off in their cars to emit some more carbon dioxide, or in their private jets, like attendee Leonardo DiCaprio presumably did.

Here’s some of the damage from the hippies advocating that the American people suffer economic hardships to combat climate change yet can’t walk four steps to dispose of their own garbage properly:

Powerful message.

As mentioned above, environmentalists are known for their hypocrisy on the environment. Here’s what happened at a #GlobalCitizenEarthDay concert:

Earth day concert. #GlobalCitizenEarthDay

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Another good point: