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Either Hillary’s ‘Got The Black Lung, Pop’ Or We Just Figured Out Her ‘Tell’ [Video]

Either the 68-year-old Democratic presidential frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, has more health problems than she’s letting on, or we just figured out her “tell.” If the latter is the case, then between her and give-away-the-store Obama, someone could seriously clean-up in a poker game against prominent Democrats. Oh, wait, never mind, Hillary is “dead broke.”

To be fair, it’s also possible that Hillary simply coughs a lot—like more than any human on the planet.

Mrs. Clinton’s latest coughing fit occurred on Monday morning when she spoke—or tried to speak—at an event in West Des Moines, Iowa before the Jewish Federation.

Clinton basically hacked up a lung for a full minute while desperately unwrapping a coughing lozenge. The former secretary of state managed to squeak out her words in a crackling, scratchy voice intermixed with random coughs for the next five minutes.

Lending the “tell” theory some credence here, Clinton was speaking about her “hard line” against terrorism and the BDS movement. Further, the candidate went through a similar debacle during the Benghazi hearing. And we all know how “honest” Hillary was there…

Uh-oh. Did Hillary cough to avoid a question about slick Willie seven years ago? Is this a pattern?

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