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DOJ May Be Looking To REOPEN Hillary Clinton Email Investigation

By  Emily Zanotti

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is having quite the busy day. In addition to reorganizing the Department of Justice’s approach to enforcing federal drug laws as they pertain to marijuana, his office says he’s considering re-opening an investigation into whether Hillary Clinton improperly handled classified documents during her time as secretary of state.

Republicans in Congress have been hinting that they’d like a second crack at Clinton’s email malfeasance, and her habit of using a person server and unsecured devices to transact in classified information, sending material to top aides over open connections and hosting sensitive foreign policy documents on a server in her Chappaqua, New York, master bathroom.

But in recent weeks, the DOJ says, incidents have come to light that shed doubt on the FBI’s investigation, which cleared Clinton of any wrongdoing, finding that Clinton was merely careless in her handling of classified documents and not criminally reckless — a difference they’ve often failed to articulate.

First, FBI Director James Comey appears to have determined Clinton wouldn’t face repercussions well before the FBI’s investigation had concluded — or, for that matter, agents had even interviewed key witnesses. Now, it seems, agents working on the investigation exposed their own political biases, and, most recently, it appears agents found classified information on Huma Abedin’s and Anthony Weiner’s home computer that was never analyzed.

Session and others, including Congressman Trey Gowdy, have been hinting at the possibility of reopening a case against Hillary Clinton since November, but stayed mostly mum on the subject through the holidays, as Sessions’ office interviewed FBI agents connected to the probe to see if there was any reason to believe the probe wasn’t conducted fairly.

It’s possible that investigation has turned up more than we know. But regardless, Hillary Clinton should be concerned. It seems the Trump Administration isn’t as willing to forgive and forget as they once were.

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