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Did Obama Portrait Artist Paint A Sperm Onto Former President’s Face?

By  Joseph Curl

Former president Barack Obama has a prominent vein in his forehead. (I’ve always been amazed that it looks like a “W,” seeing as Obama succeeded a guy known as “W.”)

See for yourself.

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So it makes sense that any artist worth his brushes would include the vein in a portrait of the president.

But now users on an anonymous image board are saying that the recently unveiled official presidential portrait, which now hangs in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery, doesn’t show a vein — but instead a single sperm. writes an interesting story about the artist, Kehinde Wiley, whom they say “has a history of adding semen into his art.”

They include this picture:

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To see numerous examples of sperm in Wiley’s paintings, click here.

A story by about another Wiley painting, “Napoleon Leading the Army over the Alps,” says this:

The background is also infused with tiny paintings of sperm—Wiley’s way of poking fun at the highly charged masculinity and propagation of gendered identity that are involved in the Western tradition of portraiture.

Twitterers, as they do, picked up on the odd story.

So, it’s either a vein — the very prominent vein in Obama’s forehead — or something else. Hey, we just report. You decide.

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