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Democrats: Trump Might Be Too Fat To Be President

Now that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health is a front and center issue, the Democrats are attempting to deflect from it with the following line of attack: GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is too fat to be president.


David Plouffe, President Barack Obama’s former campaign manager, made the insinuation in a Tuesday appearance on MSNBC’s MTP Daily as he attempted to dismiss concerns about Clinton’s health.

“Let’s talk about medical records, by the way,” Plouffe said to host Chuck Todd. “So here’s Trump, who, you know, ‘Dr. Feel Good’ put out a one-page letter. He’s 70, ok? He’s the heaviest president we’ve had–candidate–since William Taft.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz did say on Wednesday that Trump is “slightly overweight,” which according to WebMD does result in an “increased risk for many serious diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer, high blood pressure, and gallstones.” However, according to The New York Times, “There was no evidence of any previous heart attacks and he had a normal echocardiogram.”

Even if Trump is a little overweight, at least he doesn’t faint a lot and isn’t constantly dehydrated.

Regardless of Democrats’s attempts to brush off Clinton’s health concerns, her campaign did release a letter from Clinton’s doctor stating that she was perfectly fine:

But the damage has already been done:

Hence, why the Democrats are resorting to a desperate line of attack about Trump being too fat to be president.

(h/t: The Hill)