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Democrats Excited To Trot Out A Voice To Fight Fake News. You’ll Never Believe Who It Is.

By  Hank Berrien

The Godfather of “Fake News,” former CBS anchorman Dan Rather, is now the presumptive leader of Democrats eager to charge those on the Right with purveying “fake News.”

Speaking in Texas at a public event, Rather blustered, “What the hell has gone on with the Russians in the election?” “Any argument that 2 and 2 equals 5 is not an ‘alternate fact.’ It’s untrue. Water does not run uphill. Gravity exists. It’s a truth.”

Of course, this is the same guy who was released from CBS after participating in a flawed investigation into President George W. Bush’s National Guard duty during the Vietnam War.

Politico delightedly notes that Rather is making a comeback at the age of 85;

Last fall, he debuted a weekly SiriusXM radio hour called “Dan Rather’s America,” and he’s a regular with hits on mainstream cable—a bigger platform than he has with AXS TV, for which he did “Dan Rather Reports” from 2006 to 2013 and now hosts “The Big Interview.” But the improbable, white-hot hub of his comeback is Facebook. Rather’s personal page has more than 2 million likes, his “News and Guts” page has another million-plus, and his posts are seen, shared and read by millions more. On average, “News and Guts” gets more likes, comments and shares per post than BuzzFeed, USA Today or CNN.

Rather’s hyperbole in recent days has been stretched to the limit, as he has written of “potential peril,” warned, “This is an emergency,” and suggested people start praying for the nation’s future.

Rather told Politico he’s been contemplating Adolf Hitler recently, adding, “And I’m not comparing Trump to Hitler, but … ” He said, “However you feel about Trump personally, to have this kind of chaos, bordering on havoc, with a new president coming in—that’s something new, and very, very dangerous.”

Rather stated:

Somebody’s really going to put him to the test … a real threat. With all this chaos, and frankly bullshit, swirling around, there’s some question that he can appear on television and rally the national consensus to meet that threat. Now, I hope it doesn’t happen, but history teaches us that something along that vein will happen … and if the president appeared on television and said, you know, ‘”My fellow Americans, we’re in peril, and I have to mount, have to put the country in war,” I think it would be very difficult for him to persuade people. Because wait a minute. This is an old technique. This is what authoritarian regimes always do. Solidify their domestic base. They conjure up a cause and—see where this is going?

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