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The Democratic Party Is Still Having A Lot Of Trouble Raising Money

By  Emily Zanotti

The anti-Trump “Resistance” may still be active in some communities, but it’s definitely not cutting any checks to the Democratic Party.

According to fundraising numbers released on Tuesday, the Democratic Party — and it’s leader, Tom Perez — managed to raise only $3.9 million in October, one-third of the $9.2 million raised by the Republican National Committee. That’s the worst October the DNC has had in more than 15 years.

October took the Republican Party out of debt; it’s now raised $113.2 million for the year, with around $40 million ready in the bank for the 2018 mid-term elections. Democrats, meanwhile, have raised approximately half that — $55 million — and have only $5 million available for 2018 races. They’re also still struggling with a whopping $3.2 million in debt from the 2016 campaign.

Democratic House and Senate fundraising arms faired much better, particularly after the Democrats scored big wins in Virginia and New Jersey — and with the promise of gains in Congress in 2018.

Part of the problem for the DCN, though, CNN reports, appears to be Donna Brazile.

The DNC has been having a difficult time raising money from routine donors all year, largely because of an ever-worsening division in the party between those who supported Hillary Clinton for President and those who supported Bernie Sanders. Progressive forces within the DNC have been pushing to either fracture the sitting national party, or reform the Democratic platform so that it leans further left — abandoning support for Democrats who don’t agree with the party line on abortion, and who won’t campaign on identity politics.

Brazile, with her expose on the Clinton campaign and the DNC’s operations during the 2016 Presidential election, exposed a serious bias within the organization against Bernie Sanders and in favor of more moderate, “establishment” Democratic candidates. According to Brazile, the Clinton campaign structured their relationship with the DNC in such a way that the Democratic Party was nearly indistinguishable — and was financially inseparable — from Clinton’s operation.

Unhappy with that revelation, Democrats are refusing to open their pocketbooks for the national party until they see improvement.

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