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Democrat Senators Reveal How Dems Were Hoping Kavanaugh Would Respond To Allegations

In a report on red-state Democrats’ “nightmare scenario” on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, The Hill’s sources, including two unnamed Democratic senators, make some revealing comments about what appears to be the driving hope of many Democrats in the Kavanaugh allegations: that the flood of increasingly ugly, uncorroborated accusations will compel him to bow out.

“One Democratic senator, who requested anonymity, said there’s hopeful talk within the Senate Democratic caucus that Kavanaugh will drop out, even though he has adamantly vowed to stay,” The Hill’s Alexander Bolton reports.

“There’s some speculation that Kavanaugh may not last,” said the unnamed senator. “They always vow to stay right until they don’t.”

Bolton reports that lawmaker says that Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (NY) is urging red-state Democrats facing tough re-election bids to “Keep your powder dry,” in other words, wait to see if Republicans who are on the fence — namely Alaska’s Lisa Murkoswky, Arizona’s Jeff Flake, and Maine’s Susan Collins — are willing to confirm Kavanaugh before making their positions known.

Bolton quotes another unnamed Democratic senator who admitted that “there’s widespread disbelief in the caucus that Kavanaugh is holding on.”

“I just had a conversation with a colleague who said they couldn’t believe he hasn’t dropped out yet,” the senator told The Hill Monday evening. “There was a time he could have done it gracefully and could have protected the Supreme Court.”

The comments by the senators suggest what many on the Right have speculated from the beginning: The Senate Democrats’ focus on the various uncorroborated claims is ultimately not about the truth of the allegations, some of which have already been fully refuted, but about making the process so brutal that Kavanaugh or the Republicans would cave.

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