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Democrat Contender John Hickenlooper Confirms Watching Porno With Mother

By  Ryan Saavedra

Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper confirmed Wednesday night during his CNN town hall event that he took his mother to watch an X-rated pornographic movie when he was younger and that the two stayed for the entire movie.

Hickenlooper confirmed that the incident, which he wrote about in his memoir, happened when he returned home from college to visit his mother for Thanksgiving. Hickenlooper’s dad died when he was 8-years-old, and he said that he didn’t realize that his mother was lonely until he returned home from college.

“I promised, I called a friend in Philadelphia — and … we didn’t know what an X-movie was,” Hickenlooper claimed. “We thought it was a little naughty, but we didn’t think it was that bad. You’ve gotta understand, I was 18 years old.”

“I said, ‘I promised Jed that we’d go to the movie theater and see this new movie, you want to come?’ And it’s an X-movie, and I was sure she wouldn’t say no. I made a mistake,” Hickenlooper continued. “And she said, ‘I’d love to go’ because she didn’t want to be left alone in the house again. So I took my mother to see ‘Deep Throat.'”

“And to her credit, the first scene is … my mother was, I’m sure she was mortified, and I said repeatedly that ‘I think we should leave,’ ‘I think we would should go,'” Hickenlooper claimed. “And my mother was the kind of person who rarely went to a movie. She thought almost every movie would get on TV. Obviously not this one. When she paid, she was going to stay.”

“And at the end, she knew I was humiliated,” Hickenlooper added. “And as we drove home and — you know how the dashboard in the old cars had a kind of green light, and I asked her, I said, ‘That was some experience.’ And she goes, ‘I thought the lighting was very good in the movie.’ I thought I saw a little grin in that green light.”


Hickenlooper’s presidential bid is a long shot to put it mildly, as he is only polling at 1% in the latest Real Clear Politics average and CNN does not even have him ranked in their top 10 power rankings.

This isn’t the first time strange behavior by Hickenlooper has made headlines. In 2013, Hickenlooper admitted that he drank a glass of fracking fluid produced by Halliburton.

“You can drink it. We did drink it around the table, almost rituallike, in a funny way,” Hickenlooper told the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. “It was a demonstration. … they’ve invested millions of dollars in what is a benign fluid in every sense.”

Hickenlooper is also on record saying that he supports 99% of socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s far-left “Green New Deal,” which has been projected to cost up to $93 trillion.

Hickenlooper’s endorsement of the radical environmentalist plan clashes with his record; an ethics complaint was recently filed against him for taking approximately 100 flights across the world on private planes “owned by wealthy benefactors and then not disclosing the gifts as the law requires,” The Denver Post reported.

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