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Dem Pollster Claims ‘Me Too,’ Women’s March Will Take Out GOP In 2018

By  Ashe Schow

Women angry at President Donald Trump may come out in droves to the 2018 elections, a Democratic pollster claimed.

“This is the ‘Me Too,’ Women’s March election, and I think you’re really going to see that really power much bigger turnout among women, especially unmarried women, and increasingly college-educated women who are high-turnout voters,” pollster Nancy Zdunkewicz told Hill TV’s Joe Concha. “They are really not fans of this president.”

The question is whether enough of these women — if there are enough of these women — come out to the polls in November to vote against Republican politicians, and whether these women can overcome Trump and Republican-supporting voters.

The Women’s March was planned for the day after Trump’s inauguration, before Trump even instituted a single policy. The organizers of the march have since displayed anti-Semitic tendencies, like continuing to support Louis Farrakhan (who has praised Adolf Hitler and accused President George W. Bush of masterminding the 9/11 attacks). The Women’s March organizers have also praised domestic terrorists who killed police officers and celebrated dictators.

The “Me Too” movement began with credible— and frightening — allegations against powerful men in Hollywood who used their power to sexually harass and assault women and men. It has since become a breeding ground for the airing of grievances that did not amount to harassment or assault, such as Aziz Ansari’s bad date.

If anyone is really concerned that these movements will sway the election for Democrats, rest assured that Zdunkewicz only talked to women who supported the sustained outrage campaigns.

“I went and spoke with some of them in focus groups, and they sound like a base group for Democrats,” she told Concha. “They really dislike him and everything he stands for.”

Women who oppose Trump could be a big factor in the election, but Republicans tend to vote in greater numbers during mid-terms, and in 2018, Democrats have more seats to defend than Republicans. If female voters angry at Trump are mostly in Blue States like California and New York, their votes might not matter. Red State women are the ones to watch in November.

Of course, Republicans may not lose big in 2018, as the economy is doing well and Trump is delivering on some promises — like deregulation and judicial nominees.

Further, women’s issues may not even be the major factor in the mid-terms. Trump’s immigration policies have been under fire for weeks and there’s no sign that criticism will let up.

It’ll be interesting to watch whether “Me Too” or the Women’s March will have any effect on women voters and the upcoming elections.

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