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Dem House Candidate Sean Casten: ‘Trump And Osama bin Laden Have A Tremendous Amount In Common’

By  Frank Camp

On Thursday, The Washington Free Beacon shared an audio clip from a February event during which Democratic congressional candidate Sean Casten compares President Trump to Osama bin Laden:

Look, what in many ways — and this is, I don’t mean to sound overly, I don’t know, hyberbolic on this — Trump and Osama bin Laden have a tremendous amount in common because they have both [figured out] how to use the bully pulpit to, you know, activate marginalized young men, right? …Every demagogue has done this, right? Find a group of angry people and give them something to be angry at, right?

Listen to the audio here.

Casten won the Democratic primary for Illinois’ 6th House District in March with approximately 29.9% of the vote.

In the audio clip, a woman can be heard asking Casten about school safety as it pertains to potential shootings. Casten replies by speaking about the typical demographics of school shooters, and seemingly lamenting the fact that elected officials haven’t done more to enact gun control.

The woman then states: “I do think we [could] do something about the culture that creates that tendency in white males [14 to 45].” Casten replies with the above remarks in which he compares the president to the former leader of al-Qaeda.

The Daily Wire reached out to Casten’s campaign and received a statement from campaign manager Greg Bales:

Sean’s words were poorly chosen, and he regrets them. Even prior to being elected, Donald Trump’s politics of disparagement and division have been straining the bonds that hold our diverse nation together. And Sean believes that Donald Trump has gone out of his way to divide Americans for his own personal gain rather than bringing us together. Not only has Peter Roskam failed to be a check on Donald Trump, both Peter Roskam and Donald Trump have failed to tackle the issue of gun violence which is what Sean was addressing.

In a statement to The Daily Wire, Republican incumbent Peter Roskam’s communications director Veronica Vera said:

Sean Casten has called Republicans pedophiles, likened abortion to gallbladder surgery, and called Republican Party donors “a bunch of morons.” Our communities need a solutions-oriented Representative who can bring people together to get things done. This kind of hateful, vicious language is exactly the wrong approach.

At this time, it’s unclear how or if Casten’s remark will impact the race for Illinois’ 6th House District.

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