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D.C. Official Arrested For DUI Allegedly Urinates On Police Station Floor And Tells Cops To Clean It Up

By  Hank Berrien

A public official in Washington D.C. beclowned himself after he was arrested for driving under the influence, allegedly using the “n-word” to vilify police officers and urinating on the police station floor while telling officers to clean it up, and reportedly threatening police by boasting that they “didn’t know who he was.”

Paul Trantham, who serves as a D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner T Ward 8B, which used to be represented by former D.C. mayor and convicted criminal felon, Marion Barry, was allegedly swerving in his vehicle around Oxon Hill, Maryland, around midnight, when he was pulled over by Prince George’s County police. According to the police, Trantham’s car reeked of alcohol, and he reportedly behaved aggressively when stopped.

As WTOP reported, when another officer arrived to help with the situation, Trantham started name-dropping, claiming he knew Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker.

Trantham’s aberrant behavior didn’t stop there; once he was taken to the Oxon Hill police station, he allegedly used the “n-word” to target officers, relieved himself on the floor, and ordered police to clean up his mess.

When officers uncuffed him so he could use the bathroom, Trantham reportedly “slammed the door and said he wasn’t coming out,” according to the police report. Then, when police tried to enter, he allegedly resisted arrest, issuing his threat that they “didn’t know who he was.”

Trantham has denied the police version of the events, ranting of the bathroom battle, “I think they are homosexual because what man would come in there and pull another man off the seat?”

Speaking to WUSA9’s Delia Gonçalves​, Trantham said he urinated on the floor because “I couldn’t hold my urine anymore and when I asked to go they delayed me going to the bathroom.”

He told WJLA that he will sue the police department.

But Police Chief Hank Stawinski stated the officers are telling the truth; he produced a video showing the stand-off between Tranthum and police at the bathroom.

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