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David Hogg Starts New Hashtag Campaign, ‘#Triggers’ Internet

While still waiting for the Publix boycott campaign to produce the $1 million he demanded in penance for the company donating $670,000 to an NRA-backed Republican, gun control activist David Hogg launched a new hashtag campaign that hasn’t quite caught on the way it was intended.

Hogg introduced the new campaign in a tweet on Thursday:

“The sound of gunfire echoes everywhere,” he wrote. “You hear it in our cities, towns, and it brings grief to our Native American friends, too. But you know what’s louder? The sound of all of YOU demanding change. use #YOUniversallyTriggered to speak for your right to live and be safe.”

In a follow-up tweet, he added: “Gun violence affects all of us in different ways share how is does or has affected you with.”

But as Twitchy points out, the campaign immediately went south online. Here’s the first tweet right out of the gate:

Some offered the activist some thoughts on the “triggered” choice in the hashtag:​

Others weighed in on his reference to Native Americans:

Still some defended the post, often focusing on getting rid of AR-15s, like in this exchange:

Hogg and fellow prominent Parkland activist Emma González recently announced that they will be embarking on a 20-state, 75-stop tour to promote gun control this summer. In an interview with Axios promoting the tour, Hogg, 18, said, “I’m glad I’m getting my diploma and not my death certificate.” González added, “If you don’t support this … it’ll look like you’re going against kids.”


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