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CRTV Has Some Fun With Liberal Outrage Over Satirical Ocasio-Cortez Interview

By  James Barrett

An obviously satirical “interview” with openly socialist Democratic candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been met with outrage by left-wing media and activists who have apparently forgotten what one of the most common forms of comedy looks like, at least when done by a conservative. In response, CRTV and the host of the fake interview, Allie Stuckey (a.k.a. “Conservative Millennial”), had some fun at their outraged critics’ expense.

Just days after praising Sacha Baron Cohen for hoodwinking conservatives, BuzzFeed was extremely concerned about CRTV failing to make super-clear that the obviously satirical interview was in fact satire (h/t HotAir). In its coverage of the “doctored video,” which it lamented had “racked up over a million views in the few hours since it was posted,” BuzzFeed notes that it contacted Facebook about the video but found, disappointingly, that it “did not violate their community standards and pointed to the ‘satire’ disclaimer in the description.”

BuzzFeed also got the following trolling response from CRTV about “liberals feigning outrage” when they contacted them about the satirical interview:

Satire has a long tradition and plays a valuable role in political discourse. Many comedians, late night hosts, and TV programs like Saturday Night Live have used satire for decades. We love Allie’s creative work and look forward to liberals feigning outrage at satire in future videos.

Meanwhile on Twitter, Stuckey was having a similarly trollful time. Below are most of Stuckey’s tweets, including her original post of the painfully obvious satire video and some of her re-posts of others’ tweets:

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