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CRAZY: Play Titled ‘Kill Climate Deniers’ Opens In Oz Theater

Just when you think the Australians are pretty laid back and cool, a play titled “Kill Climate Deniers” opens in the former criminal colony — and could soon be coming to a theater near you.

“As a classic rock band take the stage in Parliament House’s main hall, 96 armed eco-terrorists storm the building and take the entire government hostage, threatening to execute everyone unless Australia ends global warming. Tonight,” the play’s website says. “Now, the embattled Environment Minister has no choice but to pick up a gun and stand up for her ideals, pushing back against the threat which has engulfed her country — one terrorist at a time.”

Ugh. Sounds horrible. The play was written by David Finnigan with original music by Reuben Ingall and opened Thursday in the Griffin Theatre in Sydney. Finnigan calls the play a “pretty joyful comedy,” and said he consulted scientists while writing it (no word if he got in touch with Al Gore). He also said he talked to those hated climate deniers.

“I genuinely think they understand perhaps better than myself and a lot of left-leaning liberals the consequences of climate science,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Company. “And because they understand the consequences, they can’t accept the science.”

“The play was commissioned in 2014 with a $19,000 grant from the Australian government, but its first staging was shut down following a backlash led by conservative Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt,” The Washington Times reported.

“How does the ACT Government justify spending taxpayers’ money on a theatre work entitled ‘Kill Climate Deniers’?” Bolt asked in a 2014 column. “What sane government donates to a project urging others to kill fellow citizens, even as a ‘joke’? Are these people mad?”

In 2017, “Kill Climate Deniers” was awarded the Griffin Theatre Playwrights Award. “This is a prize for an unproduced script which Griffin gives out every year, which is a really lovely thing to receive, a grand honour and a positive sign.” Ah, now it’s all starting to make sense.

Their website even has a link so you can “experience the Kill Climate Deniers walking tour.”

But we do want to point out that no one would be so stupid as to deny “climate.” There may be some people out there who don’t believe in “climate change,” but I think it’s pretty much 100% of the people — all 7 billion — who believe in “climate.”