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CNN’s PR Team Eats Crow After Claiming That CNN Doesn’t Lie

By  Ryan Saavedra

CNN’s communications team has endured an embarrassing 24-hour span this week after the network and its personalities told three blatant lies, which comes after CNN’s communications team said in a recent press statement that “CNN does not lie.”

CNN’s Communications made the false statement that their network does not lie back on August 29 after multiple reports accused the network of lying about a major story on former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, and Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis.

In the last 24 hours alone, CNN has lied three times:

1. On Monday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper lied about a tweet from Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. tweeted out a photo of Cooper standing in a flooded area from Hurricane Ike, which happened 10 years ago.

“Donny Jr. was claiming it showed me in Florence faking the depths of flood waters in order to somehow harm his father,” Cooper said. “And I quote from his tweet ‘stop lying to try to make @realDonaldTrump look bad.'”

Cooper’s statement was a blatant lie as Trump Jr. never mentioned anything about any hurricane and the article that he shared mocked CNN’s drastic decline in ratings.

2. CNN’s Communications team falsely claimed that CNN Digital is #1 “in all key metrics”

In a tweet, CNN claimed that the network was “#1 Digital News Brand in All Key Metrics”

This is completely false.

According to statistics from comScore, Fox News beat CNN in total page views and in total minutes spent on the site for the month of August:

Total Page Views:

  • FOX News Digital – 1,659,000,000 (up 44 percent vs. August 2017)
  • – 1,593,000,000 (up 45 percent vs. August 2017)
  • CNN Brand – 1,528,000,000 (down 14 percent vs. August 2017)
  • – 1,337,000,000 (down 14 percent vs. August 2017)

Total Minutes:

  • FOX News Digital – 2,911,000,000 (up 23 percent vs. August 2017)
  • – 2,841,000,000 (up 23 percent vs. August 2017)
  • CNN Brand – 2,589,000,000 (down 14 percent vs. August 2017)
  • – 2,386,000,000 (down 9 percent vs. August 2017)

3. CNN’s Chris Cillizza lied about Trump remarks on Tuesday

CNN’s Chris Cillizza told a blatant lie on Tuesday, claiming that President Trump told the FBI to ignore the allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

What Trump actually said: “I don’t think the FBI should be involved because they don’t want to be involved, if they wanted to be I would certainly do that. As you say, this is not really their thing. The Senators will do a good job.”

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