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CNN’s Cillizza Attacks Trump; Demands Examples of Fake News — Hilarity Ensues

You have to give CNN’s Chris Cillizza a bit of a break. The guy just is not very bright. Sorry, he’s just not. And he is most famous for the things he does not want to talk about, inconvenient things like Hillary Clinton’s health problems and Anthony Weiner’s sex offender problems — you know, things inconvenient to Democrats. Like the rest of his brethren at CNN, Cillizza also thinks he’s pretty cute and terribly clever as he trolls President Trump. But again, because he is not very bright, this did not work out so well on Tuesday.

Now that (outside of the corrupt MSM and desperate NeverTrump conspiracy theorists), Trump has been completely vindicated with respect to Russian collusion and obstruction of justice, the president took to the Twitters Tuesday to attack the Resistance, which of course is the national media:

And it was then that the Internet exploded, not only with unending examples (many of which came directly from Cillizza’s own employer CNN), but with derision and ridicule. My favorite was a guy named Eddie who we will now call “Eddie The Machine”:

For its part, The Daily Caller decided to respond to Cillizza with a list of fake news sins committed exclusively by CNN. How they kept it down to just five examples is beyond me.

Newsbusters just pointed and laughed.

And so on…

Like I said, not very bright…

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