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CNN Writer Mocks Liberals For Made-Up Trump Conspiracy Theories

By  Joseph Curl

CNN went from being the Clinton News Network to the We Really Hate President Trump Network on Nov. 9, 2016.

Why, just in February — and this is only a smattering of the channel’s shoddy reporting and patently false stories — there were these canards:

CNN’s Erol Lewis Pushes False Story that Trump’s Executive Order Caused Michigan Woman’s Death

CNN Falsely Claims Trump Brought Neil Hardiman to DC a ‘Decoy’; Hardin Wasn’t in DC

CNN Calls Everyone ‘Fake News,’ Says it’s Like N-Word After Trump Calls CNN Same Thing

CNN ‘Loses Connection‘ When Bernie Sanders Jokes That CNN is ‘Fake News’

CNN Falsely Claims Melania Trump Blew Off Akie Abe During Japanese Visit

CNN Headline Falsely Implies Damning Info About Trump’s Contact with Russia

And that’s just a tiny portion of the “really fake news” stories tossed onto the internet by CNN, as collected by one user.

Weirdly, a newly hired CNN writer this week compiled a list of his own stories — not necessarily those the network pushed, but fake ones nonetheless. All of the stories were embraced by liberals and fired around the internet, even though they were totally false.

Chris Cillizza, who wrote at The Fix, a daily political weblog for The Washington Post, moved to CNN last month. His latest piece is headlined: “Donald Trump is turning liberals into conspiracy theorists.”

Four storylines he shoots down in the piece:

1. There was no health care vote beer celebration

As the House was voting on the American Health Care Act, Vice News’s Alexandra Jaffe spotted cases of beer being brought into the Capitol. She tweeted about it:

That tweet became the basis of an outrage campaign among liberals. This headline, from Mic, is indicative of the early coverage: “Republicans celebrated taking away Americans’ health insurance with cases of beer.” (Mic has since changed the headline to: “Reports of beer delivery to GOP health care celebration called into question.”)

Less than a half hour later, Jaffe tweeted again, noting that the beer wasn’t, in fact, for a celebration party for House Republicans. (She had never implied it was.) …

2. Rape and sexual assault would not be pre-existing conditions

Immediately following the passage of the AHCA last Thursday, a talking point emerged: If this bill became a law, being raped or sexually assaulted would qualify as pre-existing conditions and, therefore, would make it much harder for the victim to get health insurance.

Not so, according to Washington Post Fact-Checker Michelle Ye Hee Lee, who gave the claim “Four Pinocchios” — meaning it was “totally false.” …

3. The FCC is not really targeting Stephen Colbert

The Federal Communications Commission announced that it was investigating complaints following late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert’s controversial comments about President Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Liberals cried foul, insisting that the Trump administration was trying to stifle criticism — an abrogation of the 1st amendment. More like standard operating procedure, according to CNN media reporter Frank Palliotta. …

4. The chief usher was not fired over a disagreement with the Trumps

The firing of White House chief usher Angella Reid, the first woman to hold that job, was seized on as the latest piece of evidence that Trump and his administration was nothing more than an old boys club — openly hostile to women and minorities.

Turns out, according to Axios reporting, that Reid got along well with the President and First Lady but was far less popular with the staff of the White House she oversaw. “When her departure was announced to the residence staff yesterday morning, workers burst into applause,” Axios reported.

Now, THAT’S some solid reporting. Maybe if CNN can spend a little more time ferreting out the truth and a little less time pushing false stories, it’s ratings will rise.

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